The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 4

Hello ya’ll! Today my outfit is cute and fun! I am wearing a Flintstones long sleeve shirt, because the Flintstones is one of my all time favorite TV shows! Once again, I am wearing my much loved jeans. My shoes are my flannel booties, yes again:) My hair is once again left down. Be faithful, […]

The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 3

Hello everyone! Welcome back to day 3 of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today my outfit is pretty fun. I am wearing a t shirt that says, “Wednesdays, best night of the week.” This shirt is from my youth group at Church. Underneath my t shirt is just a polka dot long sleeve shirt. Next, […]

7 Day Fashion Challenge Day 4

Hi everyone! I`m so glad to be back with day 4 of the 7 day fashion challenge! Today I choose a really cute outfit. I am wearing a black shirt with a red scarf. To top that off I`m wearing jeans! Like I have been saying a lot, I love jeans! This outfit is nice because […]