The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 5

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the very last day of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today I have a big smile on my face because it’s Friday! Anyways, I am wearing a really cute Aeropostale long sleeve shirt that I love! Once again, I am wearing, yes….. jeans. My shoes are red flannel booties. My […]

The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 4

Hello ya’ll! Today my outfit is cute and fun! I am wearing a Flintstones long sleeve shirt, because the Flintstones is one of my all time favorite TV shows! Once again, I am wearing my much loved jeans. My shoes are my flannel booties, yes again:) My hair is once again left down. Be faithful, […]

The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 3

Hello everyone! Welcome back to day 3 of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today my outfit is pretty fun. I am wearing a t shirt that says, “Wednesdays, best night of the week.” This shirt is from my youth group at Church. Underneath my t shirt is just a polka dot long sleeve shirt. Next, […]

5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 2

Hello ya’ll! Welcome to day 2 of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today my outfit has lots of colors. It is a pretty flowy floral top that I got recently. The bottoms are one of my most favorite pairs of jeans, because they are my Jennifer Lopez styled jeans which I call my J.LO jeans! […]

5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the very first day of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today, I am wearing an outfit very near and dear to my heart. My shirt has the Bible verse Proverbs 31. I am wearing this shirt, because of a friend of ours that is sick and I wear this shirt for […]

5 Day Fashion Challenge

I have really been thinking about what to post on my blog and I thought that it would be fun to do another fashion challenge. Last time I did the 7 day fashion challenge, but I’ve narrowed it down to 5, because I wanted it to be about the things I wear to school. I […]

7 Day Fashion Challenge Day 6

Hi everyone! Welcome to day 6 of theย 7 day fashion challenge! Today I am wearing something a little different. A dress! I totally adore this dress! I love all the colors in it! I wear it to Church a lot! It is beautiful! Great for summer! It is navy blue with a little brown belt. […]

7 Day Fashion Challenge Day 5

Hello everybody! Im sorry I did not post anything yesterday, I was not feeling well. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย Anyway`s, I am back with day 5! Today I am wearing a coral shirt with sleeves to my elbows. I am also wearing a pair of jeans to go with it. It has kind of lacy design to it. […]

7 Day Fashion Challenge Day 4

Hi everyone! I`mย so glad to be back with day 4 of the 7 day fashion challenge! Today I choose a really cute outfit. I am wearing a black shirt with a red scarf. To top that off I`m wearing jeans! Like I have been saying a lot, I love jeans! This outfit is nice because […]

7 Day Fashion Challenge Day 3

Hey everyone! Welcome back here for day 3 of the, 7 day fashion challenge! I am excited to show you one of my favorite outfits! Its a white shirt with jewels on the top and, over that I am wearing a pretty unbuttoned blue shirt with flowers on it. Can I let you in on […]