3 Easter Outfit Ideas

Hey ya’ll, it’s Brouke. Today I would like to show you all some fun Easter outfits! I tried to come up with a casual outfit, a classy outfit, and an outfit that is in between. I hope you like them!

My first outfit is a cute casual look. I am wearing a blue floral shirt, some good old jeans, and a pink bracelet. I just threw my hair back in a ponytail and put some studs in my ears.


Here is an up close pic of my Converse. I love these because they are so sparkly and they almost can go with anything.



I also wanted to show you my studs. These are pretty small and casual, but they really do go with anything.


Next is an outfit that is classy. This is probably my favorite out of the 3 outfits. I am wearing a light blue floral dress with blue wedges. I threw on a few bracelets just to make it more classy and fun and I just kept my hair down with some earrings in my ears.


Here is my wedges. These are really cute and they don’t hurt my feet.


Here are my earrings. They look like flowers and remind me of springtime!

IMG_20180330_164036371 (1).jpg

My last outfit is right in the middle of casual and classy. I am just wearing a nice purple dress with some brown boots. I put my hair half up half down and put on a bracelet and some earrings.


Here is a close up of my brown boots. I love boots and I love how they can be used for classy and casual outfits.


Here are my pretty butterfly earrings. I love butterflies and it goes great with the outfit.


I hope ya’ll liked these outfits! I had fun making this post and I hope you guys have a lovely Easter!


Be faithful,



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