3 Easter Outfit Ideas

Hey ya’ll, it’s Brouke. Today I would like to show you all some fun Easter outfits! I tried to come up with a casual outfit, a classy outfit, and an outfit that is in between. I hope you like them!

My first outfit is a cute casual look. I am wearing a blue floral shirt, some good old jeans, and a pink bracelet. I just threw my hair back in a ponytail and put some studs in my ears.


Here is an up close pic of my Converse. I love these because they are so sparkly and they almost can go with anything.



I also wanted to show you my studs. These are pretty small and casual, but they really do go with anything.


Next is an outfit that is classy. This is probably my favorite out of the 3 outfits. I am wearing a light blue floral dress with blue wedges. I threw on a few bracelets just to make it more classy and fun and I just kept my hair down with some earrings in my ears.


Here is my wedges. These are really cute and they don’t hurt my feet.


Here are my earrings. They look like flowers and remind me of springtime!

IMG_20180330_164036371 (1).jpg

My last outfit is right in the middle of casual and classy. I am just wearing a nice purple dress with some brown boots. I put my hair half up half down and put on a bracelet and some earrings.


Here is a close up of my brown boots. I love boots and I love how they can be used for classy and casual outfits.


Here are my pretty butterfly earrings. I love butterflies and it goes great with the outfit.


I hope ya’ll liked these outfits! I had fun making this post and I hope you guys have a lovely Easter!


Be faithful,



The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 5

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the very last day of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today I have a big smile on my face because it’s Friday! Anyways, I am wearing a really cute Aeropostale long sleeve shirt that I love! Once again, I am wearing, yes….. jeans. My shoes are red flannel booties. My hair is just down as usual. I hope you liked this challenge, because I really enjoyed it!


Be faithful,




The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 4

Hello ya’ll! Today my outfit is cute and fun! I am wearing a Flintstones long sleeve shirt, because the Flintstones is one of my all time favorite TV shows! Once again, I am wearing my much loved jeans. My shoes are my flannel booties, yes again:) My hair is once again left down.


Be faithful,


The 5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 3

Hello everyone! Welcome back to day 3 of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today my outfit is pretty fun. I am wearing a t shirt that says, “Wednesdays, best night of the week.” This shirt is from my youth group at Church. Underneath my t shirt is just a polka dot long sleeve shirt. Next, is my just some good o’l jeans again. My shoes are my red flannel booties again, because why not? I just left my hair down again, because I feel like it’s too cold to put my hair up. Ok ya’ll, thanks for checking out my outfit for today and hopefully you come tomorrow to see what outfit I am wearing.


Be faithful,


5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 2

Hello ya’ll! Welcome to day 2 of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today my outfit has lots of colors. It is a pretty flowy floral top that I got recently. The bottoms are one of my most favorite pairs of jeans, because they are my Jennifer Lopez styled jeans which I call my J.LO jeans! For my shoes, I am wearing one of my most favorite pairs, they are my reddish brown boots that I LOVE! I just left my hair down and kept it simple. I hope you liked my outfit today! Come back tomorrow for another outfit.






Be faithful,




5 Day Fashion Challenge Day 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the very first day of the 5 day fashion challenge. Today, I am wearing an outfit very near and dear to my heart. My shirt has the Bible verse Proverbs 31. I am wearing this shirt, because of a friend of ours that is sick and I wear this shirt for her. Underneath the t shirt, I am wearing a white long sleeve shirt, because it is too cold to wear a t shirt by itself!  Now, my jeans are just some basic comfy jeans. On Mondays, I don’t feel like wearing really dressy things. My shoes are some flannel booties that I love, because they are stylish and warm. For my hair, I just did a basic half up half down hairstyle. This was my outfit for today and I hope you liked it:)





Be faithful,


5 Day Fashion Challenge

I have really been thinking about what to post on my blog and I thought that it would be fun to do another fashion challenge. Last time I did the 7 day fashion challenge, but I’ve narrowed it down to 5, because I wanted it to be about the things I wear to school. I am very excited about this challenge and I can’t wait to show ya’ll what I am wearing to school this week!


Be faithful,


Thinking about blogging more often…

Hello everyone! It’s Brouke here. As you can see from the title I am thinking of blogging more. I was doing the 7 day fashion challenge and on the last day of the challenge I didn’t post. I got busy with life and forgot, but my New Years resolution was to start blogging and YouTubing again and I would love to keep that resolution.

I would like to post about fashion, experiences, things I love to do, Bible verses, etc. I would also love to do all of these things on YouTube as well and once I do, I will link my YouTube channel in more posts so you can see some of my videos. I will keep on praying that I find time to do all of this and to not ignore it.




Be faithful,


7 Day Fashion Challenge Day 6

Hi everyone! Welcome to day 6 of the 7 day fashion challenge! Today I am wearing something a little different. A dress! I totally adore this dress! I love all the colors in it! I wear it to Church a lot! It is beautiful! Great for summer! It is navy blue with a little brown belt. It look`s great! So, I hope you liked day 6! I will be back tomorrow to show you day 7!


Be faithful,


7 Day Fashion Challenge Day 5

Hello everybody! Im sorry I did not post anything yesterday, I was not feeling well. :(  Anyway`s, I am back with day 5! Today I am wearing a coral shirt with sleeves to my elbows. I am also wearing a pair of jeans to go with it. It has kind of lacy design to it. It is super cute and comfy. I hope you like day 5 of the 7 day fashion challenge and I will see you later.



Be faithful,


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